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Representing Mangere, South Auckland’s very own Joel ‘JVERSE’ Toali’i is quickly making moves in the New Zealand music scene. He grew up in a Cook Island/Samoan family where everyone had to play an instrument, sing or do both. From banging various radio stations when mum drops him to school to singing and playing the guitar at church he would infuse himself with music every chance he could.

In 2009 Jverse along with his uncle Andy ‘ END’ Andrew and cousin Lovell ‘KID’ Tomokino formed their own unofficial independent record label ‘BODMIN PRODUCTIONS’ under the guidance of his uncle Jerry ‘DIGGY’ Andrew releasing their first record as a collective ‘Livin’ It Up’ later that year.

The past couple years, Jverse has spent his time collaborating with other NZ musicians and artists alike as well as doing a little more maturing as an artist. He has shared the stage with the likes of Recommended Dosage, Tha Movement, Adeaze, Sweet & Irie, EMG, Mr.Sicc, Sir.T, and PHD to name a few.

Now in 2012, Jverse is making independent move’s teaming up with ONEMIC RECORDS to bring his face and name to the New Zealand music scene. Mini-Tape dropping soon title ‘VERSE IS HERE’ will be the first of his works to be release. The Mini-Tape will be a [free download] that will be posted up on www.onemicrecords.co.nz. His 1st single A.C.A.D (Auckland City All Day) has had over 900 plays and video for this song coming real soon.

Watch out for collaboration’s with Otara’s THA MOVEMENT (This Is Me Now) and Mangere’s RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Product Of Society) featuring “JVERSE” about to be released with video’s this year.

For more info and bookings contact:
-Joel Toalii

Download the Mini Tape here—-> http://jverse.bandcamp.com/

This Is Me feat Jverse

YouTube Preview Image

This Is Me feat Jverse behind the scenes

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